High Quality & Reputation & Service Are Our Aim-Huatai Machinery Mould
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    1. Company Profile

      Taizhou Huangyan Huatai Machine & Mould Co.,Ltd.

      Taizhou Huangyan Huatai Machine & Mould Co.,Ltd. which is in the famous native place of orange, kingdom of mould, cradleland of plastic - Huangyan, has more than 20-year history in making plastic machines. It specializes in manufacturing plastic blow moulding machines (blow bottle machines, hollow blow mold machines)...

      Contact Us

      • Add:3# Houshi Road, North Indsustry Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China.
      • Tel:4006587855 86-0576-84051582
      • Moblie:86-13185666521
      • Contact Person:Mr.Alvis
      • Fax:0576-84051582
      • E-mail:ginglechina@gmail.com
      • Skype:sortie85

      Hot Products

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